3 Players the Mariners should avoid this offseason

In a pivotal offseason, the Mariners will look to add to a world series hopeful team. There is obvious need for a big bat, but there have been conversations about adding to their pitching depth. The Mariners should be cautious when it comes to these 3 players.
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Teoscar Hernanez

I think that there is a situation where Teoscar makes sense for the Mariners, I just think that the Mariners should explore all of their other options before Teo becomes the guy. That situation is when you have already added 1 or 2 other big bats in a corner OF spot and/or replaced Ty France at 1B and Teo is your 6 hole hitter and you are not counting on him being as big of a factor as you did this year.

For a corner OF, who was really up and down defensively, and I would rather see play 60% of his games as a DH, that will most likely command a 2- or 3-year deal and get $15-$20 million per year, I would say pass at that. If Teoscar wants to come back on the QO or sign a 2 year and $30 million dollar deal, then I am game. But committing the 3rd year and/or upwards of $20 million for a DH that slashed .258/.305/.435 with a 105 wRC+ and was only worth 1.8 fWAR, I am good. A DH that struck out over 30% of the time, walked less than 6% of the time and wRC+, fWAR and slugging percentage have all decreased year over year since 2020, is not a wise investment.

I would rather than money go towards a more proven, less strikeout prone hitter like a Cody Bellinger, Michael Conforto, Brandon Belt, Joc Pederson, J.D. Martinez, Rhys Hoskins, Jesse Wink....okay I joking on the last one, but you get the point here. There are a lot of options that would provide a lot more value offensively and wouldn't require as much of a financial investment from the Mariners.