3 options for the Mariners to deal with their Ty France problem

Ty France, despite offseason work at Driveline, has been struggling for the Mariners. Here are three options they can look at in his stead
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Ty France Option 2: Trade him away

This is the toughest option. France is at an all-time low, and you aren't going to be able to get a lot for him. I think it would severly limit what you could get back in return, and would likely have to send him along with a nice prospect piece in order to get something that could help you in return. Wherever he goes, you run the risk of him figuring it out and turning back into a good hitter.

Then again, he's borderline unplayable at this point. You can't have your starting first baseball be projected out for over a negative 1.0 WAR on the season. There are likely some teams that would take him on alongside a prospect, but you are likely limited and that's going to further reduce his trade value.

With UFA coming after the 2025 season, France would have 1.5 years of control left. Is that enough to tempt a team into taking him on at the deadline? They could hope for a resurgence that helps power their team a bit, or enough that they could swap him next season at the deadline to a contender who needs a bat to recoup and likely improve upon their overall value.

They could always make a big splash by going after one of the big names, but you're either moving France to a lower role and keeping him on the team, or moving him there to be that players replacement on their team. We will start having trade scenarios as the season progresses, but we just aren't quite there yet. You never know though, as Dipoto and Hollander could definitely already be working the phones after seeing Luis Arreaz move.

I can see it happening, but I think the final option is the one that is the most likely to happen.