3 options for the Mariners to deal with their Ty France problem

Ty France, despite offseason work at Driveline, has been struggling for the Mariners. Here are three options they can look at in his stead
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Ty France Option 1: Have him get "injured"

This one fits directly into what you might see in other sports. A guy goes on the IL for a short stint with an oblique, a tight hammy, a sore elbow... something along those lines. They aren't really hurt, but things just aren't going right and they need a mental reset.

That's what the Mariners could do with France. It's the weirdest option, and it isn't something that we see all that often anymore. It could do wonders for France though. Get him a 10-game rest, a mental break, and help him reset for June. We've seen the short time off do wonders for him in the past, it's just usually that France can't stay healthy for more than two months at a time and gets injured anyway. Why not preemptively shut him down a bit and see if he can get right?

This is twofold to me, as it gives the Mariners extra time to figure out if they want to keep Ty France around. If you give him this time off to reset, you would expect him to come back with renewed vigor, especially if you had "the talk" with him during his time off. If he comes back and still isn't good, you could relegate him to a platoon role where you see more of Raley at first, or you try and throw Garver or Haniger over there to open up the DH spot a little bit more to get Haniger out of RF.

And if that doesn't work, and he really can't hit, well...