3 moves the Mariners need to make to turn the season around

With the early struggles from the entire Mariners team, we take a look at 3 moves the team needs to make right now.
Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays
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Find a roster spot for Samad Taylor

The 2023 Mariners roster was a very predictable one; the team either hit a home run or struck out. It seemed like there were only two outcomes as the team produced some historic (and not in a good way) strikeout numbers. The 2023 Mariners were one of the most frustrating teams in recent baseball memory as they constantly had scoring opportunities but couldn't capitalize due to the insane strikeout rate.

The Mariners thought that they had addressed their strikeout issue, yet we sit here a couple of weeks into the season and the Mariners team strikeout rate is astronomical yet again. Not only that, but they seem to be in a similar "boom or bust" type of offense that they relied heavily on in 2023.

Samad Taylor would provide this offense a completely different dynamic that the team hasn't had in quite some time. The offense has lacked someone willing to drop a bunt down, steal bases at will, and just wreaking havoc on the bases; that is exactly what Taylor does and it's time the Mariners make room for Taylor on their roster to change things up and provide something that the team just hasn't had.