3 Moves that Mariners could make after trading Jarred Kelenic to the Braves

The Mariners traded away Jarred Kelenic (and Marco Gonzales and Evan White). Here are some moves that we could see next for Seattle

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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The Mariners caught fans everywhere off guard when they traded Jarred Kelenic, Marco Gonzales, and Evan White away to the Braves for some young pitching, headlined by the Braves number 7 prospect, Cole Phillips. Dipoto and Hollander are always able to catch fans off guard by making moves that we aren't expecting. They've even mentioned that anything you hear, isn't likely what is happening.

It's tough. I don't know what to think here. The Mariners have made a lot of moves that you would make playing a video game. You clear out a bunch of salary that you "don't want" and then bring in all the players that you do want. The Mariners seem to be doing something like that. It's real life though, and you have to worry it isn't gonna happen.

They're going that route. They talked about wanting to cut down on strikeouts. Out goes Teo, out goes Tom Murphy, out goes Geno, out goes Kelenic. That's a lot of strikeouts gone... but it's also a lot of offense gone. You now need a third baseman (unless you trust in Luis Urias from the Campbell deal), a left fielder with Kelenic gone, a right fielder with Teo gone, and you still need a DH.

I don't like how that sounds. The Mariners have "saved" a lot of money, though, and look to have somewhere around 35-55 million to spend from the reports that we have heard. What could they do with it? What are some moves that we could see them do? Let's put some quick plans together and see what the Mariners could do after trading Jarred Kelenic away.