3 moves that could make the Mariners AL West favorites

With a disappointing start to the offseason for many Mariner fans, these 3 moves could set them up as favorites in the AL West

Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins
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Sign Jorge Soler - 2 years $37M with a 3rd year club option for $18M

Jorge Soler is arguably the best bat remaining, strictly on the offensive side of things, not factoring defense. But who cares about Soler's defense? Have you seen that man hit a baseball? T-Mobile could not keep him under control as he would smash through the marine layer daily. I told one of the writers here at Sodo Mojo, that if the Mariners are worried about ticket prices, they need to sign Soler because I would pay $50 to watch that guy take batting practice. If you look at his baseball savant page, all the max exit velocities and average exit velocities are lit up red like a Christmas tree.

I touched on why the Mariners needed to sign Soler ASAP previously. He fits this team so well! Last year alone, he amassed 75% of the home runs that the Mariners lost in Eugenio Suarez and Teoscar Hernandez. He also strikes out at a much lower clip than both of those guys, a 24.3% K rate in 2023 was over 2% below the league average. The energy he brings along with his impressive strength and ability to absolutely destroy a baseball would be awesome to see hitting behind superstar Julio Rodriguez.

The Mariners have a limited budget, but you need offense and badly, and for $17-$20 million a year, you would be hard pressed to find better value that Jorge Soler.