3 Miami Marlins the Mariners should target at the trade deadline

Can Seattle deepen their potential postseason run with a few pieces from the Sunshine State? Here are three Marlins the Mariners could look at
Cleveland Guardians v Miami Marlins
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Mariners Target #3: 2B/OF Jazz Chisholm Jr.

This is likely the most contentious name on this list. Seen as the face of the franchise (and MLB The Show, apparently) not too long ago, it's clear that he hasn't been enough to build around since he arrived to the league in 2020. They'll need to start over with a new nucleus of young players, and the best way to do that is to shed their old skin. After all, the Marlins have just five more wins than the White Sox who are willing to trade away their franchise player, Luis Robert Jr., so why shouldn't Miami look to do the same with Jazz?

Jazz is a good player but not a great one. This actually works in Seattle's favor because they don't really need someone to save their souls but instead just a few incremental upgrades to avoid selling off too much of their future. Jazz is slashing a decent .254/.319/.435 over 285 plate appearances, nearly right in line with his career average. He doesn't do one thing exceptionally well but that consistency might be just what the Mariners need right now.

He's not enough of an impact outfielder to really make a postseason difference, especially for existing contenders, However, the Mariners have struggled with offensive production at second base since Polanco has been disappointing nearly three months into the season. They have the 28th best OPS from second base at .581, better than just White Sox and Red Sox.

He'll be a free agent in 2027, likely still too early for Miami to have cobbled together a competitive roster that could hold it's own against the Braves and Phillies. This encourages the Marlins to get future value for him while it gives his new team some team control to leverage in the short-term.