3 Mariners prospects who could be traded this offseason

The Mariners will surely be busy this offseason. With expectations that they will trade a pitcher to upgrade, perhaps they could go the prospect route. We are going to look at 3 prospects who could be on the move.
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Mariners Potential Tradeable Prospect: Jonatan Clase

I think the most likely top-15 prospect of the Mariners to be traded is Jonatan Clase. He is closer to the big leagues than the previous 2 prospects listed, but there is still a lot of work to do with Clase. On the surface, Clase absolutely dominated the competition in 2023, slashing .242/.353/.449 with 20 home runs and a ridiculous 79 stolen bases. When you look at his strikeout and walk numbers, he does strike out quite a bit at 27.7% but he does walk above normal at 13.78%.

I think that the Mariners could be more willing to trade Clase as he isn't the typical CTZ guy. There are also many reports that he's probably not a centerfielder long-term. With him profiling better as a corner outfielder, the power needs to play up and there are some concerns that he might max out as a 15-20 home run guy.

I think that these 3 prospects are almost in 3 different tiers. I think Gonzalez has the ability to be the headliner to get a really good MLB player, Arroyo has the ability to be the headliner to get a solid MLB player, and an elite-level guy as the #2 in a package. Clase could probably net a solid reliever or be the #2 in a package that nets an above-average major league player.