3 Mariners prospects who could be traded this offseason

The Mariners will surely be busy this offseason. With expectations that they will trade a pitcher to upgrade, perhaps they could go the prospect route. We are going to look at 3 prospects who could be on the move.
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Mariners Potential Tradeable Prospect: Michael Arroyo

The Mariners have a plethora of infield prospects. They have Cole Young, Colt Emerson and top international free agent from last year Felnin Celesten. Perhaps the most overlooked infielder here is Michael Arroyo. In Arroyo's stateside debut in 2023, he slashed .255/.403/.400 with 3 home runs and 8 stolen bases. He is a real "CTZ" type of guy with a K rate of only 19% and a walk rate of 13.3%. Arroyo has a really advanced hit tool but has yet to tap into the potential, but again, this was only his first season stateside and he just turned 19. Some comparisons that I have seen online include Howie Kendrick and maybe a poor man's version of Michael Young.

I think the Mariners have shown they have an elite ability to develop talent. They have also shown that they aren't scared to trade top prospects when they identify a guy they really want like Luis Castillo. I could see Michael Arroyo being the main prospect in a solid everyday player. He won't net a perennial all-star by himself, but if he is the 2nd best prospect you are trading in a package, you are probably getting a 3–4-win player in all likelihood.