3 Mariners prospects who could be traded this offseason

The Mariners will surely be busy this offseason. With expectations that they will trade a pitcher to upgrade, perhaps they could go the prospect route. We are going to look at 3 prospects who could be on the move.
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All offseason we have heard about how the Mariners really need to improve their offense. We have heard they need to sign Ohtani, Bellinger, JD Martinez, etc. There will be constant rumors about the Mariners trading from their major league pitching depth and sending someone like Bryan Woo, Bryce Miller and maybe even Logan Gilbert. With the most playoff spots we have ever had, there are more teams pushing to contend versus being sellers, but should the Mariners target a team that is in a rebuild or not looking to contend right now, these are 3 prospects that I think could be on the move.

Mariners Potential Tradeable Prospect: Gabriel Gonzalez

The first prospect, and highest ranked prospect I have on here, is Gabriel Gonzalez. Gonzalez is 66th overall on MLB Pipeline and is regularly ranked in the top 3 or 4 with Cole Young, Harry Ford, and Colt Emerson, so why would the Mariners trade him? Well, they sure won't be trading Young or Emerson, and I highly doubt that they would move Ford right now, so Gonzalez is the next sort of logical fit. He has put up some really impressive numbers, so why would the Mariners trade him?

Let's get this straight, Gonzalez isn't going to be just an additional prospect included in a trade, he has the name and stardom to be the headliner in a package. I just don't think there is any shot the Mariners trade Ford, Young, or Emerson. Gonzalez has hit everywhere he's played and put up an impressive 2023 line with .298/.361/.476 slash line between Modesto and High-A Everett. He slugged 18 home runs and stole 10 bases. What is even more impressive is his ability to control the zone. Gonzalez doesn't walk a ton, but he rarely strikes out. In 2023 his K rate was 16.63% and his walk rate was 6.7%.

I could see Gonzalez being a headliner to a team that is in a rebuild or reset mode like the Mets, Milwaukee, Rockies, or maybe the Royals. Maybe he's part of a deal for Jeff McNeil, Maikel Garcia, or maybe Gonzalez along with a few other solid prospects could net them Devin Williams.

I don't predict that the Mariners will trade Gonzalez, he has the potential to be a 260-280 hitter with 20-30 home run potential, but if they explored it, he could net them a really solid major leaguer.