3 Mariners predictions we already know we're wrong about

Milwaukee Brewers v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners Prediction #1: Kolten Wong would be the Answer at Second Base

Man, I really wanted Kolten Wong to be good. Honestly, I still think he is going to be fine. I just can't figure out how a guy could be that good for so long, and then forget how to play baseball.

Chone Figgins, you say? Sorry, never heard of him.

Wong has been struggling mightily since joining the Mariners in the offseason trade. He's just 5-51 with 5 walks, and no extra-base hits. He has a negative OPS+ and a negative dWAR. He's played in 16 games and already is a -1.0 WAR player. That's... well, that's emabarassing.

What stinks is that the Mariners don't really have an answer for a replacement. They have called up Jose Caballero, who got his first start in game 2 against the Brewers, and got the start in the finale as well to give Wong the day off at 2B. Haggerty is on the concussion IL. Moore is making rehab starts in Everett, and Mason McCoy is a minor league vet still searching for a callup.

Can Wong figure it out? Or has he totally lost it? There are a lot of games left, but it's hard to leave a black hole like that in your lineup.