3 Mariners Predictions that we absolutely nailed (So far)

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Mariners Prediction #3: Ty France will win the batting title

Ty France has started out hot and healthy, and I love it. If you've paid attention at all to our site over the last couple of seasons, we have been big-time proponents of Ty France, and the fact that he might just be one of the best hitters in all of baseball... when he is healthy. So far in 2023, that seems to be the case.

I'm writing this during the Mariners off day, as they try and forget the Brewers and prepare for the Cardinals. I chose today because I said that Ty France would hit .315 this season and win the batting title. Well, through 19 games, Ty France is hitting .316. That's even after (well, hopefully after) a mini slump that saw him go just 4-20.

France looks really good at the plate. He's getting some walks in, leads the league in doubles so far with 9, and has struck out just 10 times. That's a tiny K rate of just 11.4%, which is about half the league average rate (22.9%). If France can continue to see the ball like this all season, we might see him break into the top-10 list for doubles, as he needs 41 to T-10. The record is a lofty one, as A-Rod had 54 back in 1996.

Could France hit 45 doubles and win the batting title? It's early, but he is already on the right track to do so.