3 Mariners players who have surprised us so far in Spring Training

While the team has a losing record this spring, here are 3 Mariners players that have surprised us so far in Spring Training!

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners / Stephen Brashear/GettyImages
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Spring Training is here, and games are being played. Baseball season is back, and Mariners fans everywhere should be excited, even if the team is 1-7 to begin Spring as I am writing this. While the team record means almost nothing, there have been some standout performances from players who are fighting for a roster spot. There are also reasons to raise your eyebrows at the kids pushing to advance through the system faster.

Like I said above, the team's record does not mean anything in Spring Training. Statistics also need to be taken with a grain of salt, because some of those hits or strikeouts are coming from guys who will not be Major League players. If Julio Rodriguez gets a base hit off of a 37th-round pitcher, what does that really prove? Not a ton, really. On the flip side, though, if Julio Rodriguez strikes out 7 out of 10 at-bats, against subpar competition, you can get upset.

With all of that being said, There have been some performances to get excited about. Understand that some, if not most of the prospects, will not make the team out of Spring Training, no matter what they do to impress. When it comes to the Vets on non-guaranteed deals, they are hoping to latch on to the 25th or 26th spots on the roster. Let's find out who has really surprised us so far this Spring, and what that means going forward this Spring, and maybe even this season.