3 Mariners players that could be traded by Opening day

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Jarred Kelenic
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#3: Jarred Kelenic

I think the theme of this ended up being guys that I feel for. Jarred Kelenic was called up too early, and too many expectations were placed on him for a player that was so inexperienced. Still just 23, we should be talking about Jarred Kelenic making his debut in 2023 instead of people already calling him a bust.

Yet, here we are.

Now, I'm not one of those people. I think Jarred Kelenic is still going to be a really good player. However, the Mariners are run by Trader Jerry. Bryan Reynolds wants out of Pittsburgh, and the Mariners need a LHB, a corner outfielder, and another impact bat, plus a true leadoff hitter so we can get Julio into a run producing spot in the lineup (2 or 3 instead of leadoff).

Bryan Reynolds does all of those things.

If the Mariners acquire Reynolds, sending Kelenic off to Pittsburgh to get a reboot might be the best situation for everyone. Reynolds gets out, Kelenic restarts, and everyone is happy. Well, that's a lie. It's impossible for everyone to be happy, especially when you look at Mariners Twitter.

I want to see Kelenic succeed on the Mariners. I really do. However, if the Mariners can acquire an All-Star to fill the lineup and take over in left, I can handle watching him go. That's why Jarred Kelenic joins Chris Flexen and Marco Gonzales as players that might be moved before the start of the season for the Mariners.