3 Mariners I am higher on than most, 1 that I am lower on than most

With a flurry of moves made this offseason, and no real stars added, we take a look at a few players I am high on, and 1 I think we need to temper expectations.
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Dominic Canzone breaks out big time

The hate I see for Canzone is unreal. It doesn't help that he was part of the deal that sent fan favorite, Paul Sewald, to the Diamondbacks. He will always be tied to that. But this year he could really prove to have been a steal as an additional piece in that trade.

Canzone was an eighth-round draft pick by the Diamondbacks out of Ohio State University and he wasted no time flexing his potential. Canzone has hit at every single level he has played at. In 2022 he really showed above average potential with a .299/.367/.541 slash line and 22 home runs over 106 games, making his way up to Triple-A. He built off of that impressive season by slashing .354/.431/.634 with 16 home runs over 71 games in Triple-A.

Someone like that just doesn't forget to hit, even if it is at the major league level. He might not be a 300 hitter, but this year (especially with the injury-riddled Haniger as his platoon mate) Canzone should see at least 400 plate appearances and he will slash around .250/.310/.430 with 20+ home runs while putting up at least two or three more elite level bat flips.