3 Mariners bats that must be off the team by the trade deadline

The Mariners offense is dismal, an embarrassment. Here are 3 bats that must be off the team by the deadline if they want to be a playoff team
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#1: Ty France

Starting off with one that hurts, because I've been defending him for a long time. Back when he was getting injured often, I always believed that he would be back to that .300 hitter when he came back healthy. He showed for so long and at so many levels that he could do it, so I had little reason to believe he couldn't get back to it.

But... that seems like so long ago. In 2023, he hit only .250/.337/.366. In 2024, we are all wishing he could hit that good. He's posted a miserable .229/.322/.360 while playing bad defense, and is worth 0.3 WAR through 80 games. We can't have a light-hitting first baseman with questionable defense. A crazy good glove or a masher who can only do the one thing and struggles with the other? That's fine... but not both negatives.

The fact that it's only been getting worse compounds the struggles the Mariners have been dealing with at the plate as a team. Since the calendar turned to June, Ty France is hitting .157/.314/.241. He has as many walks as he does hits! That's not a good thing, not at all. Driveline doesn't seem to have done the job, and the Mariners need to make a move at first if they want to contend. Could it be Vladdy? Who knows... but I sure wouldn't say no to that upgrade.