3 Mariners bats that must be off the team by the trade deadline

The Mariners offense is dismal, an embarrassment. Here are 3 bats that must be off the team by the deadline if they want to be a playoff team
Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners
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It's really easy to fall into a depressed state when you think about the Mariners offense. You can sit there and say negative thing after negative thing about them, harping on how bad everything is. I'm not here to say that you would be wrong for doing that, either. It's a fair point and a justifiable one at that.

Just take a look at what they've done this season. They have the worst batting average (.218) in baseball, trailing the White Sox by three points. They're bottom 5 in OBP, sitting sub-300. Then they have the 3rd worst SLG, ahead of two teams who are literally not trying in the Marlins and White Sox.

Yet, here they sit atop the AL West. Have the Mariners been lucky? Possibly. They've had a lot of late-inning heroics and walk-offs, but that is also offset by what seems to be a lot of games where the team doesn't show up for the first 6 innings of play, letting every opposing starting pitcher feel like he's on a rehab start against an A-ball team.

It's why the season, and the postseason, is still salvageable and in play. If the Mariners can fix their offense in time, this turns into a very dangerous team. We all know that Dipoto and Hollander love to make trades, and they're going to need a handful of them to fix this offense. There are plenty of spots to do it, and should leave plenty of doors open for them to look for help at a few positions.

I believe the Mariners need a new second baseman, first baseman, and right fielder. If the team doesn't have a new starter at two of those locations by August 1st, then the deadline was a failure. Which is why I think that if these three bats are a must to have removed from the team.