3 key reasons Mariners were able to break out the brooms in their sweep of the Reds

With many a fan hanging their head before the series, the Mariners changed their season outlook with a sweep of the Reds, and here's how they did it
Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners
Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Reason #2: Patience at the plate brought opportunity and reward

Patience at the plate finally paid off for the Mariners, and it was apparent from the first inning of game one that things seemed a bit different. They forced Frankie Montas to throw 45 pitches, and it set the tone for the entire series for the Mariners at the plate. You saw it again in game 2 when they got Hunter Greene to throw 98 pitches through just four innings of work, really making him struggle to accomplish anything, even if he did have 8 Ks. I think thats a tradeoff the Mariners make every single day, taking all those K's to get Greene out early, especially after seeing Montas run after just two innings the night before.

The Mariners would total 20 walks in the series, with marks of 6-7-7 throughout. Pair that with 25 hits, and it makes sense as to why the Mariners were able to do damage throughout. They were constantly putting people in position to score, even if they only scored three in the second game. It's a step forward for the offense, and a handful of them are starting to get right as we get into the second half of October.

You know what else normally helps an offense? Going to Colorado. Let's hope that is true for the Mariners, as that's where they are headed next. After seeing 13 HBH, five of which were homers, it would be great to see another game or two at Coors with a nice output from the lineup.