3 key reasons Mariners were able to break out the brooms in their sweep of the Reds

With many a fan hanging their head before the series, the Mariners changed their season outlook with a sweep of the Reds, and here's how they did it
Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners
Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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You wouldn't think it because of how long the baseball season is, but things can still change fast for any team. It's even more apparent when you think about a team like the Mariners, and the position that they were in heading into this latest series that they just completed against the Reds. They were 6-10 heading in, and plenty of fans were downtrodden because of how the season started.

Was it too early to call this series against the Reds a turning point? It remains to be seen, but even heading into the series, I think it was a fairly valid point to make and argue. Think about it this way. If the Mariners got swept, they would've been 6-13 and owners of one of the 5 worst records in baseball. To make the playoffs, you would have to assume they'd need to play at a 97-win (60%) pace the rest of the season to get to 92 wins, which comfortably puts you in the playoffs. Would 86-57 be possible?

Instead, they now sit at 9-10, and things look a lot better. 83-60 sounds a lot more doable than 86-57, even though it's just three games. I think the more important aspect to look at here is the AL West, and how even with a C- grade to start the season, the Mariners are only one game back of the division lead.

So, how did they get here? Let's take a look at the most impactful reasons that the Mariners were able to sweep the Reds as they (hopefully) turned their season around.