3 free agents the Mariners missed out on last offseason

Heading into the 2022/23 offseason, the Mariners needed to add offense (sound familiar?). Here are some players that they missed out on in Free Agency
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Brandon Drury
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Mariners Free Agent Miss #3: Brandon Drury

The last free agent the Mariners missed out on was Brandon Drury. Drury signed a 2 year $17 million deal with the Angels last offseason. A pretty cheap price for a 30-year-old who can play multiple positions. In 2023 Drury was a 1.8 WAR player on an underwhelming Angels team. He had a slash line of .262/.306/.497 and an OPS+ of 114, Drury had 26 home runs and 83 RBI's. While his on base percentage wasn't the best he still had an above-average year for the Angels.

Drury could have been Mariners second baseman or that super utility player that the Mariners like so much. Down the stretch he would have helped the lineup when Servais had to put out lineups with Caballero and Haggerty at the end of the season.

Have to think that if the Mariners had 1 of these 3 players in the 2023 season the Mariners make the playoffs, since the Mariners were only 1 win away from the playoffs. Let's hope that Jerry and this front office actually go for it and sign some hitters this offseason. The fans deserve it.