3 Former Mariners players we'll be glad are gone, and 2 we'll wish stayed

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Former Seattle Mariners player we'll wish stayed: Adam Frazier

I really wanted to put Noelvi Marte in right here. It just didn't seem fair though, since he was never in the majors. The Mariners have been struggling up the middle lately, so that was on my mind and had me going down the rabbit hole re-visiting the trade that they made for Luis Castiilo. I've never once thought that they shouldn't have made that deal, I just wish our up the middle farm system was a bit stronger.

It's also what led me to thinking about Adam Frazier. I still think that Kolten Wong is the better option at second base, but it has not been looking that way to start the season. Wong is hitting all his normal analytical numbers (hard hit, exit velo, GB/LD/FB, but he isn't finding the sweet spot. Meanwhile, Adam Frazier already has a homer this season, which is 1/3rd of how many he had last season.

Really, it would just be nice to have someone right now that could fill in for the slow start of JP Crawford and Kolten Wong. With Dylan Moore out still, it's fallen to Haggerty to try and do it. There really wasn't a way to keep Frazier, and I think the move to Wong was still the right one, but it's looking rough right now.