3 Former Mariners players we'll be glad are gone, and 2 we'll wish stayed

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
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Seattle Mariners players we're glad to see gone: Jesse Winker

Winker is number one on my list. I don't care that he got off to a good start this year. He was awful for the Mariners in 2022, and not just at the plate. He couldn't hit, couldn't play defense, didn't try at practice, didn't work to get better, all the while thinking he was better than everyone else. Yeah, that sounds like a guy I want no where near the team that I root for.

When it came out that he, alongside Toro, were being traded for Wong, I was joyous. It was great to see the Mariners get something of value for Winker, and someone with Gold Gloves and a pretty strong track record of success at that.

Winker is off to a decent start, hitting about .300, albeit without a home run to start 2023. He has yet to show that he can stay healthy or play defense. Even though the Mariners have been struggling to find runs this season, I still want 0% to do with Winker. It's the season of Kelenic, Teo will end up getting hot, and the Mariners will be fine without the guy that was a bigtime problem in the clubhouse.