3 Former Mariners players we'll be glad are gone, and 2 we'll wish stayed

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
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With the season having a couple of weeks under its young belt, I thought it would be a good time to look at the roster and think about some of the changes that were made over the last year or so. I tried to stick to just moves made either in trades last season or since the end of 2022. Otherwise, this list would get much more in-depth and intricate.

I wanted to focus on the players who could still be involved with the Mariners, whether it's in the Minors or the Majors, as that's the immediate impact that most fans are looking for. Sure, I wish Randy Johnson could've played his entire career as a Mariner, but that doesn't help the team in 2023.

So, I decided to look for 3 players that I am glad to see no longer with the Mariners, and then 2 that I am wish were still here. Some of them needed to leave, and I think it was a resounding hurrah from fans when we found out that they were no longer with the team. Others could still be helpful, and possibly impactful, to the Mariners this season. Not a ton of big names left, but there are still important players that are no longer here.

Let's get started with the players that we are glad to see gone.