3 deserving Mariners who are going to be squeezed off of the Opening Day roster

The season is right around the corner, and roster cuts continue to approach that final number. Here are 3 deserving Mariners who won't start in Seattle
Seattle Mariners Photo Day
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Taylor Trammell

The former top-20 prospect, Trammell is actually going to be playing his age-26 season. This is sort of the point in a young player's career where they either figure it out or spend the rest of their career toiling as a AAAA player. Someone who bounces around between multiple teams, crushing it in AAA but struggling whenever they get to the majors.

I really hope that isn't the case for Trammell, but I'm worried that's what is approaching. Over the last three seasons, we have seen batting averages of .160, .196, .130 during his three stops in the majors. However, it looks like he might've figured it out a bit, as he has been doing alright in Spring Training so far.

The K rate is a bit high, but he is hitting .280/.379/.360. I'm not worried about the lack of power, as he has shown an ISO rate and a HR rate above league average in his career. However, Trammell is out of options. Are the Mariners going to give him that one last chance in the majors? Or, do they risk their chances by keeping him of the roster and seeing if he ends up on another organization?