3 Bold predictions for Mariners' in 2024 that will make you happy, and 2 that won't

Get ready for the 2024 MLB season with bold predictions for the Seattle Mariners. Who will win the Cy Young Award? Who will be an MVP finalist? Find out now!
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5. Mitch Haniger and Mitch Garver will combine to hit 50+ Home Runs

Some of you may think that this is my boldest take, and you may be right. Haniger and Garver have not shown that they can make it through a full season in a while. But I seriously think that if they did, they could turn this team's offense into something special. One of them will be the Designated Hitter night in and out, and hopefully, that helps keep them healthy.

Old friend Mitch Haniger was acquired earlier this offseason in a trade with the San Francisco Giants. He spent the 2017-2022 seasons with the Mariners, before leaving in free agency to sign with the Giants. Haniger spent most of the season on the injured list, and was not all that effective when he was actually playing. To say that he struggled in San Francisco would be an understatement. That was probably the reason the Giants were okay with dealing him back to Seattle.

Mitch Garver on the other hand, signed as a free agent in the offseason. He is fresh off winning the World Series with the Texas Rangers and hit 19 home runs and drove in 50 in just 87 games. Like Haniger, Garver spent half of the season on the injured list. But he was around for the Rangers playoff run and played all throughout the playoffs.

Both Haniger and Garver have shown that they posess tremendous power skills, and both will be on display this season. THey have made it through Spring Training healthy so far, and both look to be in the Opening Day lineup. SHould they stay healthy for most of the season, there is no reason to think that they can't combine for 50+ home runs. That number may even be low if both players play in 140 games each.

As always, Go Mariners!