3 bold internal moves to jumpstart Mariners' uneven offense

The Mariners path to the AL West crown is clear (for now), but there are clear strategic moves the team can make to make it a reality and better position the front office for the trade deadline.
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Jorge Polanco's injury should open the door for Leo Rivas. 

Jorge Polanco, a player Hollander has strategically tried to acquire for the past two years, ranks last among American League second basemen in average (.192), hits (28), and first in strikeouts with 53. This team was counting on the former Minnesota Twin to be a stabilizing force in the middle of the lineup, but that has yet to come to fruition. Additionally, the 31-year-old infielder left the game earlier this week with an injury. 

Polanco has a history of injuries, lately hamstring injuries, which can take a while to heal. These types of injuries usually require at least a 10-day IL stint and a short rehab assignment. In Polanco's case, that course of action should be just what the doctor ordered. Give him time to reset mentally, heal, and spend a week with the Rainiers to get right. 

The good news is plenty of players on the major league roster can play second base. Dylan Moore, Josh Rojas, Leo Rivas, and Luis Urias all have significant experience at the keystone. I'd probably lean toward more Leo Rivas because of his ability to switch hit, above-average contact ability, and 80-grade speed. Having the 26-year-old speedster at the bottom of the lineup when J.P Crawford returns this week could do wonders for the offense. 

Polanco is a key cog in the lineup, and Servais needs to push all the buttons and pull every lever to help him turn the disastrous season around.