2024 Mariners Offseason Plan: The Ohtani Hail Mary

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Welcome everyone to one of the most enjoyable parts of the year for baseball fans: Hot Stove season! One of the best parts about the MLB offseason is how quickly it starts after the World Series has finished (we’re not going to talk about that…sigh). Players can be traded already and free agency will begin on November 6th.

Good news, the Seattle Mariners have the opportunity to get the stench off of a truly disappointing 2023 season, and the embarrassing sequences that followed. Bad news, or at least potentially bad news, is that the fanbase is divided to say the least on their belief in John Stanton opening the checkbook, and Jerry Dipoto being able to sign legitimate stars and valuable depth that this roster needs if it's goal is to truly win a championship.

This week, we will look at 3 potential offseason plans that could capture the hearts of not just the fans of the Seattle Mariners, but the players themselves. Each plan will be based around how Seattle's leadership may approach such a critical offseason.

To kick off today's offseason plan, we're going to cover how the Seattle Mariners could reel in the biggest fish since Barry Bonds was a free agent. The great Shohei Ohtani is on the market, and it's unclear how much of a shot, or how aggressive Seattle wants to be in this historic chase. In today's plan, we're going to realistically build a team around Ohtani, reward the fanbase, and enter a new era of Mariners baseball.