2023/24 MLB Free Agency Rankings for the Seattle Mariners 

The Mariners underperformed in 2023, and making a splash in Free Agency could be just what the doctor ordered. Here are my rankings for the upcoming offseason
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Mariners 2023/24 FA Rankings: #10-12

#12: Josh Hader, RP San Diego Padres, $17.5 AAV 

Will the Mariners sign Josh Hader? No, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't look into it. As unlikely as it may seem, there's a chance John Stanton opens the checkbook this winter. If the Mariners landed a marquee player, that would be great, but more work is still needed for this squad to win in October. Getting the best closer in the game could be a fun scenario, as pretty much any lead after 6 innings would feel like a lock.

#11: Aaron Nola, SP Philadelphia Phillies, $24.5 AAV 

Another guy who's probably gonna have big moments over the next week or so, Aaron Nola is in an interesting spot. He's right there with Zack Wheeler as that #1 guy in Philadelphia, but had somewhat of a down year, even though he was brilliant in the NLDS against Atlanta. His resume screams control the zone and could be an interesting fit with Seattle's philosophy. How much money does Philly have to keep all their guys, before someone slips away?

#10: Jorge Soler, DH Miami Marlins, $13.9 AAV 

When the Seattle Mariners traded for Teoscar Hernandez last offseason, they were hoping to acquire what Soler was in 2023. The former World Series MVP had a powerful 2023, smacking 36 home runs and posting a 128 OPS+. You find a way to get that level of production from the DH spot, at a price similar to what Teo will likely get, it feels like a strong match. Will Soler wants to leave Miami for Seattle, is where I'm skeptical.