2023/24 MLB Free Agency Rankings for the Seattle Mariners 

The Mariners underperformed in 2023, and making a splash in Free Agency could be just what the doctor ordered. Here are my rankings for the upcoming offseason
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners 2023/24 FA Rankings: #13-16

#16: Justin Turner, DH/1B Boston Red Sox, $17.2 AAV 

The stats show that Turner's age is catching up to him, but he's still a strong hitter with massive playoff experience. He mashed at Dodger Stadium for his entire career and enjoyed the friendly confines of Fenway Park as a right-handed hitter. Even at T-Mobile, would likely be a sizeable upgrade at the DH spot.

#15: Matt Chapman, 3B Toronto Blue Jays, $17.2 AAV 

If the Mariners feel like Geno Suarez will continue to regress on offense, then they have to at least consider Matt Chapman here. A superb defensive wizard at 3rd base, Chapman shows star potential in flashes, but is inconsistent on offense. Even still, Chapman had a slightly higher OPS+ than Geno, a a lower K rate, and he doubled Geno in WAR (4.4 to 2.2).

#14: Mitch Garver, DH/C Texas Rangers, $10 AAV 

A player the Seattle Mariners and their fans know all too well this year, Garver has been an offensive machine for a Texas squad that is in the final four. As a DH and backup catcher, Garver put up serious damage when he was healthy. In 87 games, Garver hit .270 with 80 hits, 44 BBs, and 19 home runs. We talked about the double advantage of taking a good player away from a rival, and Garver fits that potential.

#13: Jeimer Candelario, 3B/1B Chicago Cubs, $11.6 AAV 

A personal darling of mine during the trade deadline, Candelario is a versatile doubles machine that has improved his K rate tremendously. Candelario is able to play both 3B and 1B, and could be signed to add an offensive punch, while also pushing Geno and Ty to step up.