2 questions the Mariners have already answered in 2024, 1 that still lingers

So many unanswered questions for this team, but we narrow it down to two that have been answered, and one that still remains
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The Mariners are still hoping to find their everyday DH and Garver looks bad

What's the best way to add offense? How about adding a premier player at a position that is literally "designated to hit"? That's exactly what the Mariners did in hopes of getting their best, bang for your buck on a budget-conscious team.

The team added Mitch Garver to a two-year deal with a third-year option. Considering what some of the other bats were getting in the offseason, this seemed like a very reasonable and smart move for Dipoto to make. On a per-game basis, Garver has been one of the best hitters in the game but has just struggled with consistency as well as the ability to stay healthy.

Over 50 games into the 2024 season and Garver has been a massive disappointment. His 81 wRC+ pales in comparison to his career 118 wRC+. His 31% strikeout rate is a career high so far and his .171 average shows signs of a hitter that is struggling massively. He is struggling to find the barrel (56th percentile barrel rate) as well as hit the ball hard, while his launch angle is the lowest it has been in six years.

The results from Garver have been a massive disappointment and played a huge role in the offensive struggles of this team. Garver is arguably the second-biggest bat in the lineup and his struggles (along with pretty much everyone else) have made this a bottom part of the league offense. Hopefully, Garver's results will change soon, but as of right now, Garver isn't showing the Mariners that they have found their guy at the DH position a la Nelson Cruz.