1 Mariners trade Jerry Dipoto will regret and 2 that will be home runs

This offseason has been an absolute success with the team looking dramatically different than last year's club. Here is 1 trade that Dipoto might want back as well as 2 that will drive the success of this team.
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The Mariners will find their solution at 2nd base...finally

The Mariners thought they had their second baseman for a long time, signing all-star Robinson Cano to the largest contract in team history at that time (Julio would later surpass this). When that era of Mariners baseball seemed to come to an end, the Mariners sent Cano off to the Mets and what has transpired for the last five years has been one of the worst positions in baseball. The Mariners have rolled out Shed Long Jr., Dee Strange-Gordon, Dylan Moore, Abraham Toro, Adam Frazier and Kolten Wong. It has been a black hole for the Mariners.

That hole has been filled with the addition of all-star second baseman, Jorge Polanco. While Polanco has been hurt (playing 184 games in the last two years), he has been elite dating back to 2019, when he broke out. Since then (if you exclude 2020) he has put up a wRC+ of 120, 124, 119, and 118. He has been one of the best second baseman in baseball during that stretch. He has legit 25+ home run power, will hit .260+ and have solid walk and strikeout numbers.

The cost to get Polanco wasn't that much, the biggest cost being Justin Topa and Gabriel Gonzalez. This is a very aggressive move for the Mariners and one that we will look back on as an absolute score for the Mariners to have solved one of the perpetual holes in the Mariners team.