1 Mariners trade Jerry Dipoto will regret and 2 that will be home runs

This offseason has been an absolute success with the team looking dramatically different than last year's club. Here is 1 trade that Dipoto might want back as well as 2 that will drive the success of this team.
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The last few off seasons, prior to this one, have been extremely similar and have yielded mixed results. The Mariners have gone out and acquired an elite bat, followed up with a move or two that were extremely underwhelming. They have acquired Jesse Winker and Teoscar Hernandez, guys that were expected to be key cogs in the lineup. The underwhelming list includes names like Tommy La Stella, Cooper Hummel, and Adam Frazier. The Mariners have repeatedly been one or two moves short of really having a solid off season.

This offseason has been another active one for Dipoto, but in a very different fashion. After rumors that they were going to be aggressive and have the funds necessary to really acquire some elite talent, there were a couple of salary dumps and news of the Mariners working under a stricter financial budget.

That didn't matter for Dipoto and Hollander. He has gone out and been extremely active and creative in building a competitive team. There is no doubt that Dipoto and Hollander have hit this offseason out of the park, all while not increasing the overall payroll. We will look back at this offseason as one that changed the trajectory of the Mariners. It seemed to be going to back to cheap ownership that wouldn't support a team and city that is ready to win right now, but things look a lot different. With that being said, there is one move that Dipoto might regret and a couple that we will look back on that changed the course of this team.