Alexander Smith

Baseball is such a positive addiction. At a baseball game, you forget about all of your problems. Instead of your stressful day at work, you think about how many runners are on base, how many strikes/balls there are, and what the score is. It's the ultimate distraction. A couple of years ago, I combined my love for baseball with my love for aviation/travel. Like everyone else, I grew up rooting for a certain team, that was great and all but after going to the same ballpark over, and over, I needed more. While working at Portland (OR) International Airport in 2017, I was able to make this happen. I won't name the airlines I worked for but their main hubs were SFO and BOS, which was more than convenient for an employee flying stand by. Despite paying for a flight on an airline I didn't work for earlier in the year, I was able to really start my baseball traveling once I started using my employee flight benefits. The first one was Oracle Park, which was a day trip to San Francisco. The Giants won on a Buster Posey go ahead double in the 8th, I believe. Later on that Summer, there was a seasonal direct flight to Boston on my flight benefits. After I waited for our flight that remained overnight to get in and de-plane, I said bye to my coworker and headed to the gate to head for Boston. I was flying stand by so there were no guarantees that I would have made it but that's all part of the fun. I land in Boston the morning of 8/1/17, was really eager to do some U.S. history stuff before the game but was too tired. The game I witnessed was perhaps the greatest regular season game of 2017, and by far the best game I have seen in the person. It was the game versus the Indians, where Chris Sale and Carlos Carrasco gave up a lot of runs, and a lot of hits, but you may know it better by my crude title of "The Austin Jackson catch, Christian Vazquez walk off home run" game. Kimbrel, Miller, Sale, and Carrasco were awful that game. That was so surreal to see. Flew back the following morning. This is how you eliminate bias, by immersing yourself in other parks/vibes of other fan-bases. I just like watching good baseball. I'm tired of fan-bases arguing with each other, however, that is part of the game so we do need those kind of people as well, however, I'm not one of them. Bias-free baseball here. Anyways, also a big music nerd, bassist and guitarist. Rush, Tool and Pink Floyd are my top 3. I actually have met Geddy Lee who himself, is a huge baseball fan (Blue Jays).