Mariners take out the trash and win series in Houston

You know, normally I’m a pretty nice guy. Even keeled and reasonable online. There are so many over-the-top people out there, I usually just let them go about their business and try and bring a bit of normalcy. However, I feel like being one of those people today… because the Mariners just took out the trash in Houston and won the series against that classless and despicable Astros squad.

This isn’t even about the Trash Cans and cheating (we all know they did it, Manfred doesn’t care and doesn’t even like baseball, so let’s move past that), but it’s about the language and intent to injure from these clowns. They hit Lewis in the shoulder/head back on May 28th after he had hit a homer earlier in the game.

The Mariners beat the Astros, it was glorious, and Houston is a joke.

That’s not enough though. They had to hit France and then start yelling at the Mariners, starting an unnecessary fight. Then, they tried to hit Suarez in the head. Two days later, they came back and hit Julio twice because he blasted a homer back in the opening game. I’ll admit that after all of that, I 100% wanted Castillo to smoke Pena during his PH AB in the 9th. You come after our stud youngster…

It goes all the way back to last year for me. We all remember the game in Seattle where Dylan Moore decided to launch a ball into the night sky for a grand slam off of Brooks Raley, giving the Mariners a massive win and setting the path for their great second-half run that fell just short.

I still get goosebumps watching that. Just amazing. But back to that joke of a franchise, they would hit JP Crawford immediately after that Grand Slam. Moore hit a Salami in the 8th to cap a 7-0 comeback, and yes, he stunted a bit, but nothing over the top considering the moment. So Houston had to hit someone.

It’s an old school philosophy, and a dangerous one. Especially with how hard people throw nowadays. Getting plunked by a 1970s 85 mph heater is completely different than taking a 98 mph fastball to the back. It’s why I’m glad Dusty Baker and his outdated philosophies and bad for the game managerial skills got tossed and suspended. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is the one instilling into these players to hit guys.

But hey, it fits with the Franchise. A 7-4 win, a loss in game 2 despite a wonderful game by Flexen, and then a great win in the finale, and the Mariners head back home for an 11-game homestand, and some well-needed time back in Seattle after a crazy first two months of the season. They are inching their way back into relevance, and are 26-31 after being 18-27 just two weeks ago. The season is long, and things are looking up. As always… Houston is classless… I mean, Go Mariners!