Mariners with Six Prospects in MLB Pipeline Top 100 Rankings


I love prospect rankings. Learning about the potential and abilities of all the youth within a system always excited me, and it’s fun to spend time throughout the year learning about who is coming up within the Mariners system, and really throughout all of baseball. One of my favorite lists is now out, as MLB Pipeline has released their top 100 rankings for the 2022 season.

All throughout the offseason, different sites have been releasing their lists. Depending on where you look, you end up with 4-6 Mariners within the top 100.

The Mariners ended up with 6 prospects in MLB Pipelines top 100 prospects

You may think that the Mariners would’ve ended up with seven prior to the trade with the Reds when they sent away Brandon Williamson, but he didn’t end up in the top 100. Callis, Mayo, and Ratliff mentioned that he was the one guy they wish would’ve ended up on there, but in the end, he missed out.

The Mariners still ended up with six, and one of them is going to be a decent surprise to a lot of people, mostly because he hasn’t really been on anyone else’s list.

  • #3 – Julio Rodriguez (#1 OF)
  • #11 – Noelvi Marte (#4 SS)
  • #32 – George Kirby (#5 RHP)
  • #82 – Emerson Hancock (#19 RHP)
  • #93 – Harry Ford (#11 Catcher)
  • #98 – Matt Brash (#21 RHP)

Yup, Emerson Hancock ended up making the list. He’s dealing with a lat injury right now, but as long as it isn’t related to the shoulder fatigue from last year, it shouldn’t be a worry at all. Seeing he and Brash so close is interesting, especially with Brash being so close to, if not already on the MLB roster.

Brash isn’t the only one close to graduating though, and we could see the Mariners drop down a bit in the mid-season team rankings. Julio and Kirby are very likely to be on the team by Mid-May at the latest, with an outside shot to join the team out of Spring Training depending on performance.

That would leave Marte alone atop the list. It’s also worth mentioning that he has an incredible chance to do what Kelenic and Julio have both done, and jump into the top 3. The dude is turning into a monster, and at 6’3-210, it will be fun to watch him this year and see if there is an increase in more consistent power.

It’s awesome seeing Harry Ford on the list as well, and he nearly made the top ten catchers list. If Ford shows impact in his first full pro ball season out of high school, watch for him to jump into the top 50, throwing himself further into the mix of what is a loaded group of catching prospects.

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The Mariners are in a great place, and it’s something we will repeat again and again here. Things are looking up in Seattle, and these players could play a big part in the future success of the team. Stay tuned for more prospect news as Spring Training rolls on.