Mariners fans need to root for… Gulp… The Yankees

After the disappointing run of three straight series losses that the Mariners have put together, I wanted to take a look at the remaining schedules of all the wild card teams, and see who Mariners fans should root for. Being four games out, the Mariners could win out and still potentially not make the playoffs. It’s going to come down to two of the three AL East teams falling apart for the M’s to have a chance.

So, who does that mean fans should root for? Toronto? Boston? New York? Taking a look at the schedules, I wanted to see who played who, and try and figure out which team would affect the others the most. Outside of those three, we should be rooting hard for Tampa and Baltimore. They play the three-way tie teams a lot over the remainder of the season. However, there is one more team that you should be rooting for. I warn you… you might not like it.

Over the final 16 games, Mariners fans should be rooting for the Yankees

Yup. You need to root for the Yankees to win. They play a series against both Toronto and Boston, while Boston and Toronto don’t play each other.

That’s going to be the best-case scenario for the Mariners to have a shot at still making the playoffs. They are the longest of shots in the American League to make it for a reason.

With the Yankees playing both Boston and Toronto, rooting for them to sweep those two teams will make the most sense. Let the Yankees run away with the top wild card, with them, Tampa, and Baltimore all beating up on Toronto and Boston. It’s unlikely, but it’s the best option we currently have.

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I feel a bit dirty rooting for the Yankees to win. When you aren’t in the same market or have that rooting interest for the long-time favorite and one of the most successful organizations in the history of the game, it’s easy to make them the bad guy. The Evil Empire. However, for the rest of 2021, it’s time to be a Yankee fan. Now excuse me while I go shower.