Mariners defeat Astros in epic comeback victory thanks to the offense

If you were finishing up household chores, putting dinner away, or wrapping things up before turning on the Mariners game last night, you likely thought the game was over when you turned it on. Darren McCaughan got ROUGHED UP, giving up six runs before recording his second out of the night against the Houston Astros.

He showed an incredible amount of mental toughness, sticking it out through four innings. Many pitchers would’ve folded, or had to be taken out of the game. Instead, he went those final 3-2/3 innings and gave up just one run. Still, the Mariners were down 7-0 heading into the bottom of the 4th.

The Mariners were down, but they weren’t out.

Seattle made some noise by loading the bases that inning. After decades of struggle, that was the exact type of situation where the hitter would get out, and the rally would sputter before it ever really started. Instead, Cal Raleigh would hit a bases-clearing double, cutting the score to a much more manageable 7-3.

The Astros would score again in the 5th making it 8-3. Down five against one of the best teams in baseball isn’t a spot that any team wants to be in. Enter… Chaos Ball.

Seager blasted one, making it just a two-run game. 8-6? You’re telling me, that after being down 6-0 through just seven batters, that this is now a two-run game with nearly half of it left? The Mariners may have been down two, but Houston was the team that was nervous. We know that Kyle’s wife, Julie, sure was enjoying the game. (She’s an incredible follow by the way.)

Shed Long Jr came through in the 6th when he slapped an oppo single to bring the game to just a single run. Three innings left, and all the Mariners needed to do was score one more run to tie it. They’ve been the best one-run team in baseball… but Dylan Moore had other plans.

France would single to lead off the 8th. A strikeout and fielder’s choice would follow, and with two outs, the Mariners had the tying run on second. Kelenic worked a seven-pitch walk, followed by a fantastic walk by Murphy. The bases were loaded, and all of Seattle likely heard what happened next.

A go-ahead Grand Slam by Dylan Moore would get the score to 11-8, and Mariners fans everywhere were ecstatic. My phone was blowing up, both from friends and everyone at Sodo Mojo. Screaming. Fist Pumps. Trash cans being hit… wait, the wrong team. Sorry.

The Mariners made it through, completing one of the most epic and feel-good comebacks in team history. The 11-8 win against Houston gets the Mariners to 55-46, just a game out of the Wildcard. It always feels good to have a comeback win, and it feels even better against Houston. #SeaUsRise