Mariners Rumors: Trading with the Yankees for Jordan Montgomery

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Mariners: Rumors for Jordan Montgomery

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 03: Jordan Montgomery #47 of the New York Yankees in action against the New York Mets during a game at Yankee Stadium on July 3, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The Mariners have had some trades in the past that ended up benefitting both teams. A few years ago, there was the famous Haniger/Segura for Marte/Walker trade. In advance of this year’s deadline, they could look to make another trade that would benefit both teams involved. This time, it would be with the Yankees for Jordan Montgomery.

I made sure to take a good look at trade values for this article, and all of these have similar values. You can make a good argument for all of them as well, regardless of the values. With both of those lining up, I think we found some trades that would work for each team, based on the context surrounding the trade.

What if the Mariners and Yankees could help each other out?

A lot of the trades that I have looked at so far have involved the Mariners going after players, solely on the purpose of becoming better in the short term. Not all of these are that way though, with one of them looking at keeping their window open for a longer period of time, instead of cracking it open a bit wider a season sooner.

Montgomery is a 28-year-old lefty, sporting a 4.18 ERA and a 3.72 FIP. I like Montgomery for the Mariners, in part because of how many home runs he gives up. Bring him into Seattle, and that number would likely go down. Pair that with the defense (while healthy) of Seattle, and you could have a much better second half by Montgomery for the Mariners.

We are going to look at a few trades here. One that would benefit the Yankees this year, one that would benefit the Mariners this year, and finally, the one that I think would benefit both teams this year.

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