Mariners: Dylan Moore could be special if he could figure out how to hit

There is a certain player on the Mariners that I really, really want to like. He plays good defense. Everyone seems to like him. He can easily hit for power. The speed is real. There’s just one thing missing. If Dylan Moore could find it, he would be a perennial all-star.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most important things that’s needed at the major league level. Everyone needs to do it, and there isn’t really a legit way around it if you want to stay at the top level on the big league club.

The Mariners Dylan Moore just can’t seem to hit the ball

One of my favorite players of all-time (non-Mariners, that is) is Brandon Phillips. The dude could do it all. Technically, I guess I should say dat dude since that is his Twitter handle. If Moore can figure out how to hit the ball a bit better, he could be the offensive version of Brandon Phillips. Heck, he could even be close on defense, although you would be hard-pressed to match the mix of Phillips talent and glovework at second.

On offense, Phillips averaged 302B, 20HR, and 21 SB over a seven year stretch, while hitting .280/.329/.446. It was topped by his age-26 season when he 30-32 HR-SB, for the rare 30-30 season.

I say all of this because I think Moore is capable of a 30-30 season. Yes, I know that they don’t happen all that often (only 62 done by 40 players), but Moore is definitely capable. Here’s the argument why. In his 600 career at-bats, Moore has the following line for the Mariners

  • 33 2B, 25 HR, 37 SB, .212/.306/.402

With just a .212 average and an OBP just over 300, Moore already has 25 home runs. If Moore can find his way into becoming a .240-.245 hitter while keeping that OBP difference about the same, he will get there. In fact, if he had 570 at-bats, he would hit exactly 30 homers based on his average home run rate. Steals wouldn’t be an issue at all, as he steals a bag nearly 25% of the time he gets on first base.

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If, and I know it’s kind of a big if, Dylan Moore can figure out how to get on base more often, we could be seeing one of the most special seasons by a Mariner in their history. I know I’m going to be rooting for him like crazy, as I would love to see Dylan Moore succeed and stick around with the Mariners for a long time.