Tom Murphy’s eyes have stolen the show for the Seattle Mariners


Tom Murphy of the Seattle Mariners celebrates.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – MAY 31: Tom Murphy #2 of the Seattle Mariners is doused with water after hitting a game-winning sacrifice fly. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Tom Murphy has been struggling offensively but his enthusiasm and clubhouse presence is still very important to the team. As of late, Tom Murphy has become even more famous for the Seattle Mariners after viral pictures of him spread like wildfire on the internet.

On May 25th, Tom Murphy was an important part of the 4-3 Mariners win and his celebration is pictured below.

The story behind Tom Murphy’s crazy-eyed celebrations

It’s not just by accident that the Seattle Mariners catcher is making teammates and fans laugh, it’s almost on purpose. According to Ryan Divish, Kyle Seager told Tom Murphy that he needs to have more fun (maybe as a means to try and get Murphy out of his slump).

Per Daniel Kramer, Murphy said his crazy eyes celebration is an over-exaggeration of his smile. To me, it sounds like he’s having a little fun with his teammates and is mocking them. His new “smile” has certainly caught the attention of Mariners nation and it was on full display again in yesterday’s game after he hit the walk off sacrifice fly in extra innings.

The Seattle Mariners have even highlighted Tom Murphy’s eyes and told the Twitter world that they would make Murphy their profile picture. It didn’t take long for Mariners fans to bombard the retweet button and the M’s followed through with their promise, making the small circular icon on Twitter a photo of Murphy’s eyes.

Tom Murphy’s celebration has even gotten attention on the national stage. Major League Baseball’s Twitter account even shared the final play from the Seattle Mariners game.

The Seattle Mariners catcher was an important part of the 2019 team and I am hoping his new celebration will help him get through his current struggles. The 30-year-old catcher is currently hitting .165 and I hope his average gets better… because I want to see more crazy eye celebrations.