Mariners: 3 reasons why Ty France should start at third base

MESA, ARIZONA - MARCH 03: Ty France #23 of the Seattle Mariners in action against the Chicago Cubs. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
MESA, ARIZONA - MARCH 03: Ty France #23 of the Seattle Mariners in action against the Chicago Cubs. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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Dylan Moore of the Mariners in action (Ty France).
PEORIA, ARIZONA – FEBRUARY 28: Dylan Moore #25 of the Seattle Mariners makes a play at second. (Ty France). (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Reason no. 3 – I want Dylan Moore to be the Mariners 2B, not Ty France

I know fans have talked about putting Ty France at second but I just cannot see Ty France doing that long term. He has the third baseman build. France isn’t terrible over at second base, but playing up the middle requires much more range and defensive ability in my opinion.

France has a career -13 total zone fielding runs above average per year at second base compared to minus eight over at third base. His fielding percentage at second is .989 and his defensive runs saved is at 0.

So instead, I want Dylan Moore to be the everyday second baseman. On top of that, I don’t want France cutting into D-Moore’s time at second, so that leads me to my point of keeping Ty France strictly at third base.

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Besides, similar to reason number one, we need to test whether Dylan can be the long-term Mariners second baseman. And we can only learn that by testing it. Generally speaking, you think of Dylan as a solid defender but the sabermetrics might disagree depending on the position.

Over at shortstop, he owns a career minus five defensive runs saved, which roughly equals a minus 23 defensive runs saved yearly. But over at second base, he has saved four defensive runs which average out to 25 runs saved in a year.

He also has a better fielding percentage at second compared to when he plays shorts and third base. With that being said, I want D-Moore to settle in at second, make it his home, and become an expert.

Obviously, we should utilize his versatility when necessary, but it’s about time that we let players find a long-term home and really work on their craft.

Based on the numbers I shared above, if D-Moore gets everyday playtime at second base, he and J.P. Crawford would make a spectacular combo up the middle. It might even be possible that Moore can win a Gold Glove at second if he continues to trend in the right direction.

All this to say, Ty France should be locked in as the third baseman in Seattle for a long time. That allows him to get comfortable there, leaves the DH spot open for Kyle Seager and others, and second base open for Dylan. I think it’s the perfect scenario for this year and the future.

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