Mariners: Trevor Bauer tried to show off but it backfired

Trevor Bauer of the Dodgers throws (Mariners)

GLENDALE, AZ – MARCH 06: Trevor Bauer #27 of the Los Angeles Dodgers delivers a pitch. (Mariners). (Photo by Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images)

Trevor Bauer is an interesting guy, to say the least. Some fans like him, while others hate him. I am not a huge fan of Trevor Bauer off the field but he is an electric pitcher. Why am I bringing up Bauer? Well, he started against the Mariners yesterday and there is a hilarious moment worth sharing, especially if you aren’t a fan of him.

Trevor Bauer’s one eye closed method

Before we get into yesterday’s game, Bauer faced the San Diego Padres last week, and he decided to put a twist on things. The 2020 NL Cy Young Winner pitched with one eye closed on occasion, and he rubbed it in their faces on and off the field.

It drew a lot of criticism as you could imagine. The Padres were one of the teams in the Bauer sweepstakes early on and instead joined the other NL West powerhouse. After his antics, people mostly praised Bauer because he dominated the Padres. I am sure fans would have given him a hard time had it backfired.

After his outing, he told reporters:

As I said before, Bauer is not a favorite of mine and certainly lost more of my respect after this whole eye-closing game. It just seems a little ridiculous. Yeah, he’s probably just trying to have fun but I mean come on. I wonder how the Dodgers clubhouse is feeling about Trevor Bauer… He surely wouldn’t be able to do anything like this in a Yankees uniform for example.

Trevor Bauer tried his one eye closed method against the Mariners

Then, of course, Bauer thinks he’s invincible and tried it against the Mariners last night. Well this time, it didn’t go according to plan. This was a highly anticipated matchup between Seattle and the reigning champions but it took a weird turn early in the game.

In the top of the first inning, Ty France, one of the hottest hitters in Spring Training steps in. After working ahead into 1-2, Bauer tries to show off and closes one eye. The result, he threw a wild curveball that hit France on the elbow pad.

I mean how great is this?! This was certainly a highlight of my night yesterday. And of course, Mariners fans started to pour on the heat. What is even funnier is that Bauer’s outing went into utter chaos after this. As stated on our Twitter, Bauer walked three, hit France, and even walked in a run.

After the game, Trevor Bauer told reporters that he didn’t close his eye intentionally and he was just having trouble seeing and focusing. I am not buying it at all. He intentionally pitched with one eye closed against the Padres, so it seems like he’s just making an excuse for the failed attempt at showing off. Bauer said, “So, the first inning, my right eye wasn’t really like focusing well, for whatever reason.”

Mariners fans don’t forget about things very often and this moment will surely be brought up over and over whether his antic was intentional or not. Example: after walking Kyle Lewis yesterday, people reshared the home run Trevor Bauer gave up to Lewis. Don’t change Mariners fans, don’t change.