Valentine’s Day Special: Mariners Players We Love

SEATTLE, WA - JULY 24: Kyle Seager and Nelson Cruz of the Mariners hug.
SEATTLE, WA - JULY 24: Kyle Seager and Nelson Cruz of the Mariners hug. /
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Seattle Mariners first baseman Evan White rounds the bases.
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – SEPTEMBER 21: Evan White #12 of the Seattle Mariners laps the bases. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

Willie’s All-Time Favorite Mariners Player

Willie Bloomquist, the former Seattle Mariners utility player and Bremerton native. My name is Willie and his name is Willie. There weren’t many Willie’s in sports growing up and I had one on my favorite team, so it worked out. How about that.

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Willie’s Favorite Mariners Player Right Now

Evan White is my favorite Mariner because I love defending him in arguments. As someone who has a lot of friends who are not Seattle Mariners fans as I lived half my childhood and went to college on the east coast, I get questions all the time about Evan White. Winning the Gold Glove Award as a rookie helped my case a decent amount but I really can not wait to prove all of my friends wrong whenever he can turn around his average and strikeouts.

I had a great moment listening to the Mariners versus Astros game this summer in the car on the MLB app. As Evan came up to bat, you hear the groans in the car “here comes a strikeout” from my friend in the passenger seat. He proceeded to hit a towering home run. I’ll always love Evan for that and we need more of it.

We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Special and our stories of our favorite players!

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