Seattle Mariners Instructional League shut down

Cal Raleigh is tagged out by Noelvi Marte. Both were playing in Seattle Mariners Instructional League.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – JULY 14: Cal Raleigh is tagged out by Noelvi Marte of the Seattle Mariners. Both played in the instructional league. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Seattle Mariners Instructional League shut down after positive COVID-19 tests

For many minor leaguers around the MLB, the Instructional League was an important chance for playtime as the pandemic canceled minor league baseball. Of course, the Instructional League ends up being cut short due to a couple of positive tests. There were a few Seattle Mariners prospects that were playing well and a couple that really needed this time to get reps.

Julio Rodriguez was playing well before going to the Dominican Winter League to play. Cal Raleigh and Noelvi Marte were also playing pretty well during the short season. The Mariners were able to get 14 games in with plenty of practice time for the young players. It is just another unfortunate event for the frustrated young guys who failed to see much game time this entire season.

The Instructional League was a great opportunity for players like Sam Carlson who is coming off multiple injuries which have only allowed him to pitch in two official minor league games. Carlson was able to throw 7.7 innings in Arizona. The Instructional League was important also for players who are on the brink of entering the MLB. Taylor Trammell is really close to playing for the Mariners but he struggled during the 14 games.

Cal Raleigh is another prospect that the Mariners really like and he is projected for a 2021 debut. Raleigh was able to take advantage of his time in Arizona. Overall, it was great that players got seven weeks of workouts and games combined in a season that took away from a lot of practice and games. Look for more player articles on how they played in the Instructional League during this month and December.