Seattle Mariners MLB Mock Draft Roundup

With just two weeks until the MLB Draft, we are in the mock draft season and we are starting to see some trends regarding the Seattle Mariners.

When we did this two weeks ago, the three biggest names in the draft game had the Mariners selecting Nick Gonzales (Kiley McDaniels, Jim Callis) or Reid Detmers (Keith Law). Now, we have some movement and some adjustments that should be noted. So let’s go around the horn and take a look at what the mock drafts are saying now.

Kiley McDaniel: Mariners select Nick Gonzales, 2B NMS

Okay, so this pick didn’t change. McDaniel still believes that Gonzales will be a Mariners in a few weeks, which has been the favorite selection for Seattle for most of the past two weeks. Gonzales features a safe bat who will hit for average and play solid defense, but questions about the home run power persist, which lowers the ceiling of Gonzales.

Keith Law: Mariners select Reid Detmers, LHP Louisville

Again, no major changes here. Law reports that Seattle is heavily leaning towards taking a college player, a decision that would surprise nobody. We have discussed Detmers extensively and if you’ve been paying attention, you’re well aware that I’m not a fan of this pick. Detmers is a good prospect, but he has a ceiling of a #3 starter. High-floor, low-ceiling prospects are certainly valuable but aren’t usually the ideal route to go with the sixth pick, especially with players with higher upsides and similar floors are on the board still.

Eric Longehagen: Mariners select Emerson Hancock, RHP Georgia

If you had told me a month ago that this was a realistic scenario, I probably would have laughed at you. Hancock is still the number one prospect on our big board and for most of this winter, was the favorite to be the 1.01. But some teams are worried about his trackman data and there are whispers that teams in the Top 10 are worried about his medicals. If Seattle is worried as well, they’ll probably go elsewhere with the pick. But if they’re comfortable with Hancock’s health, they’d be foolish not to take him.

Jim Callis: Mariners select Emerson Hancock

So two of the most plugged-in names in the industry are mocking the same player to the Mariners just two weeks away from the draft? Very interesting.

Baseball America: Mariners select Max Meyer, RHP Minnesota

Again, if there were just two things you took away from our month of draft coverage, it is probably how much I love Max Meyer and how sufficiently helmed I’d be by selecting Reid Detmers ahead of Meyer. Meyer has a fastball that sits in the mid-90s and he’s touched triple digits with a wipeout slider. He also has a good changeup and above-average command.

At worst, Meyer is an elite reliever who will remind some of Edwin Diaz. At his best, he’s a true #1 starter with 3 plus pitches, including his near-elite fastball and slider. If Meyer was three inches taller, he’d be in the discussion for 1.01. As it is now, Meyer is projected by most to go in the 8-12 range.

We will likely get one more round of mock draft before draft day. In fact, our final Mariners Mock Draft will drop next Friday. We will start to hear more information and begin to really understand what teams ahead of Seattle will try to do. Either way, the draft is fast approaching and soon, the Mariners will have six new prospects to break down.