Mariners Draft: Favorite MLB Draft Prospect at every position

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The MLB Draft is just three weeks away and without any real baseball to focus on, we have been hyper-focused on what the Mariners should do with the sixth pick. But today, we spread the love a bit.

When you study the draft and its prospects as much as we have over the past month, you can’t help but fall in love with the idea of certain players wearing the Mariners uniforms in a few years. Not all of them are top tier talents and some have no shot of being selected by the team. But you store these players away for a few years and give Jerry Dipoto a little bit of room and perhaps someday you find out they’ve been traded to Seattle, like Jake Fraley.

But as our mock drafts all start to run together and our Top 25 Big Board just needs a few minor tweaks here and there, you get into a rut of expecting a player, let’s say, Nick Gonzales, to be the choice at six and you kind of leave it at that.

But there are other players you grow attached to and love the idea of them in Seattle, even if it’s not an elite prospect. So you try to find a way to sneak them into your mock drafts just so you can talk about them, but then your draft is off.

So today, we exercise those demons and put these names out there as “my guy” or “flag” players. That is, somebody we believe we like more than the average person and would place our reputation on their success. And fortunately for somebody like me, I don’t have much of a reputation to sacrifice. So let’s do it. Here are my favorite draft prospects at each position, regardless of where they rank.

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