Seattle Mariners 2020 MLB Draft Big Board: The Top 10

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The MLB Draft is fast approaching and with the sixth overall pick, the Seattle Mariners will have a lot of options to consider. But who might they be interested in and who “seems” like a Mariner? Well, we have some thoughts.

With the MLB Draft potentially no more than five weeks away, it is time for the Mariners and their scouting development to really start the process of trimming down their draft boards and narrowing their strategy for attacking this unique draft.

We can’t even begin to speculate about whom the Mariners, GM Jerry Dipoto, and Scouting Director Scott Hunter, are looking to take with the sixth pick, but we can certainly take an educated guess. We have 4-years of draft data with Dipoto as the GM and three years of data with Hunter as the Scouting Director, and we can start to identify some patterns.

But right now, we should start small. If MLB sticks to its current plans to have just a  five-round draft, more than 150 players will still be selected. We have neither the tools, nor skill, to give you an honest scouting report on that many players. But we can certainly do a decent percentage of that.

But today, we are looking to identify the 10 players that we believe the Mariners are the most interested in. But remember, just because they have the sixth pick, doesn’t mean they’ll take the 6th best player on their board. Selecting a player down their board to save slot money and attempt to land another, true first-round talent at pick 43 is a viable strategy.

As for our ranks, we are attempting to factor in production, physical tools, floor, ceiling, and organizational fit, to create a Top-10 draft prospect list to give you, the reader, a legitimate idea to the types of players Seattle may take with their first-round selection. Now, let’s get started.

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