Seattle Mariners: baseball going into May we will see?

We haven’t heard much from Jerry Dipoto, GM of the Seattle Mariners, since they suspended baseball in early March. Now we can only guess what they plan to do in May or further on.

There have been conversations about starting baseball playing in Arizona around mid-July possibly without any fans in the stands. I would be really surprised if we see Mariners baseball in Seattle this year.

They might extend the rosters but we haven’t heard anything about it as of yet. The only news is the draft will take place in July with five to ten rounds. All the other eligible players are free agents.

Baseball right now is like life, in general, there are no answers at all. Here in Washington, we expecting to open up the fishing and the parks on May 5. How long it will last depends on well people can social distance themselves. I would be surprised they will continue for the whole month of May.

The question is, “how is this going to affect the Mariners rebuilding process over the next several years”. I would say like everything else we don’t know at this point. I am sure we will see Jarred Kelenic, Julio Rodriguez, and Logan Gilbert over the next year or two.

I wonder if we have seen the last of Dee Gordon, and perhaps of Kyle Seager, depending on when or if this season does start in July. No one knows whether this virus will come back next spring or not.

The good thing we didn’t expect with the rebuild is those teams with veteran players especially those in their mid to late 30’s may decide to retire rather than continue. A real advantage for a young team. Go M’s.