This Week’s Look At the Seattle Mariners Top Prospects

My co-contributor Colby Patnode wrote about Jarred Kelenic, the Mariners top prospect being on the opening day roster when the Mariners get back to playing. I was thinking about Logan Gilbert and the other top prospects as well.

Though there is talk that the Mariners could be back to playing in mid-May several weeks ago, it now appears more likely that we are looking at a return in mid-July, after the all-star break would have taken place. There hasn’t been any talk about the minor league teams playing at all though.

If the minor league teams don’t play at all, the Mariners will have to think about their top prospects. Depending on major league roster staying with 26 players or increasing to 28 players for the season, could they look at Jarred Kelenic and Logan Gilbert playing on the major league team for the season regardless if they are ready or not? Or is there hope for some kind of fall season for MILB?

Every year they have the Arizona Fall League. They could expand it where each team would have an expanded roster. Most years the Mariners would have five prospects playing in Arizona. This year they could expand it to ten players or even go to a full squad of Mariner minor leaguers. These players would be their top prospects regardless of what level they had played last season.

The major league teams are still planning to have the college and high school draft at some point as well. Since those players haven’t been able to play in games during the spring either the top draft picks could be part of the Arizona Fall League as well.

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Whatever happens, going forward the Mariners will need to have their top prospects on the field sometime during the season since they are rebuilding. You don’t want to have the rebuilding to be slowed anymore then it can or should. Just my opinion anyway go M’s.

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