Seattle Mariners Way Too Early 2020 MLB Mock Draft

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The Mariners and GM Jerry Dipoto refuse to do anything this winter so instead of waiting for something that may never come, let’s just speculate wildly about something that is impossible to predict.

The Mariners rebuild is going quite well. And while it may be painful to watch at the big league level, everything below the surface is going well. Seattle’s player development system is working. They are drafting well. And their international scouting is a solid as they come.

Because these particular skills aren’t yet showing dividends, they are largely going unnoticed. But their importance cannot be overstated. The Mariners will need to draft players they can develop, and along with being aggressive in the upper-middle class of free agency, this will be the path towards breaking their long playoff drought.

In June, we will get to see one of the benefits of their difficult to watch 2019 season. The Mariners will be picking inside the Top 10 and even have an extra draft pick in their back pocket. As of right now, Seattle will pick 4 times inside the Top 100 and are actively shopping for an additional draft pick as you read this.

So with the importance of the draft and the lack of activity this winter, it leads me to wonder what Dipoto and Scott Hunter could do with their draft slots in June. So, in the dead of winter, why not doing something totally dumb and try and predict what the Mariners will do with their first 4 picks?

Remember, the Mariners hold picks 6, 44, 68, and 79. Or at least in that range. But those are the draft slots we will be working from. So with that in mind, let’s get started.

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